Support to customers in taking decisions and achieving their objectives.


Alba Ródenas Borràs

​Lawyer, teaching in International Private Law at the University of Barcelona-UB.

Firm’s founder partner and managing director. She is responsible for dealing with private customers and companies that require specific legal advice regarding national and international law in their own languages.

Degree in Law from Universidad Central de Barcelona.

Master of Laws degree awarded by the Law School of Münster University (Germany), obtaining the mark "summa cum laude".

Member of the Bar Association of Barcelona since 1995, with license number 22.556.

Employed as a professional in different national and international law firms in Barcelona from November 1995 to January 2003.

In February 2003, establishment of her own firm, with a clear international calling and the objective of tailoring legal advice to the needs of each customer.

Specialising in private international law, civil and commercial procedure law, family law and inheritance law.

Member of different national and international business and bar associations.

Cooperation with several institutions and with specialised journals.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, German and English.


We offer support to our customers in taking decisions and in achieving their objectives.

We are known for being loyal to our customers, diligent in handling each case entrusted to us and for our legal rigour.

Our ethical business approach of our firm guarantees confidentiality, transparency and professional secrecy.

20 years of professional experience and continuous training have enabled us to become experts in offering counselling in national and international law.

We issue regular management reports on the status of the work entrusted to us.

Preparation of customised, detailed estimates that are adapted to each customer and situation.

Expertise in different economic sectors such as the logistics and transport, pharmaceutical, food, industry, automotive, maritime and construction sectors, among others.

Regular cooperation with professionals from different branches of law and with international law firms.

Counselling in the customer's native language: German, English, Spanish and Catalan.



Col.legi d'Advocats de Barcelona

Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona

Cámara de Comercio de Alemana para España / Deutsche Handelskammer für Spanien - AHK

Asociación Hispano Alemana de Juristas / Deutsch-Spanische Juristenvereinigung - AHAJ/DSJV

Círculo de Directivos de habla alemana / Kreis Deutschsprachiger Führungskräfte - KDF

Austrian Business Circle

Rotary Club Pedralbes Barcelona. President 2012-2013.

Associació Independent de Joves Empresaris de Barcelona (AIJEC). Council Member 2005-2007.

Asociación de Mujeres de Negocios. Council Member 2004-2008.



Annual participation in professional guidance events at the German School of Barcelona.

Cooperation in radio and printed press projects with the publication ACTUALIDAD ECONÓMICA, number 2395 of 13 May 2004 and number 2398 of 3 June 2004, and the publication EMPRENDEDORES; RAC1, Ràdio Estel, Canal 25Tv, BTV and 8TV

Responsible for the Spanish case-law and international section of the Legal Journal of the German-Hispano Jurists Association from 2005 to 2008.

Sponsor of the “2008 Austria Gala” held in Barcelona.


Paul Harris Fellow (+1) Rotary International

Business and Professional Excellence Prize in the category "Corporate Internationalisation" awarded by the Business Women’s Circle in November, 2007.